NCC is a community who mostly live in the coastal regions of the North Cornish Coastline. We are an eclectic mix of surfers and mums; old guys and groms; business leaders and bible readers; logical thinkers and day dreamers; artists and musicians -  ordinary folk who are pursuing a faith-filled adventure of following Jesus together.

We exist to reveal the goodness of God's Kingdom by Loving, Serving and Blessing our communities, our county, our nation and the World - wherever we go we seek to be good news.  





God's family. There is a verse in the bible that tells us that we have been adopted into His family (Romans 8:14-17). Families are defined by their unique characteristics and New Wave is seeking to be defined by two:

1 - Love God with all our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength (Mark 12:30)

2 - Love our neighbours (Mark 12:31)


Being part of God's family means we have been invited to join in His mission. Some 2000 years ago, Jesus (who is both fully God and fully man) gave His followers an exciting mission... He told them to 'Go into the world to make disciples of all nations' (Matthew 28:16-20) 

This is our mission too!