We are an Elim ‘Foursquare Gospel Alliance’ church, originally founded in April 1948 following a crusade led by the late Elim evangelist and healing revivalist Rev. John Woodhead. The church was born in a heady atmosphere of salvation, miraculous healings and people being filled with the Holy Spirit, a genetic make-up still very much a part of who we are today. Originally based in rooms just around the corner from the present Newquay site, we moved to our current purpose-built location in 1965 and then bought the Wesley Building in 2010.
Since then, by His grace, we have seen God do things we could previously only have dreamed of. We have grown ten-fold in size, are continuing to grow, and find ourselves engaging with our community at every level imaginable and in every way possible. On top of it all, we know that ‘the best is yet to be…!’ and to say that we are excited is something of an understatement!