David Brittain

David is the director of the Turnaround Project and helps young people through any issues in their lives and to equip them with the necessary skills to live independently. David is also the Worship Director of NCC. 


Maureen Bulford

Maureen is the administrator responsible for the day to day running of the team by coordinating diaries, rotas and general organisation of the needs of the personnel within the church.

Robert Brittain

Robert is the office manager and financial elder at NCC. He has overall responsibility for reporting on all of the finances of the church and also coordinates the Pastoral Care of the Church. 

Hazel Brittain

Hazel is a financial assistant and helps to do all the tasks relating with the monies, counting the offering, entering the figures and balancing the accounts, paying the bills etc. She is also part of the Flourish team as well as being an elder’s wife.

Ellen Brittain

Ellen is the manager of The Meeting Place. She also helps out with planning forthcoming events and the organisation of special occasions.

Rhys Hughes

Rhys (who has recently married Tabz!) is the Youth Pastor of NCC. He heads up the youthy type stuff within NCC including Novo.