Global Missions

'...We face a humanity that is too precious to neglect. We know a remedy for the ills of the world too wonderful to withhold. We have a Christ too glorious to hide. We have an adventure that is too thrilling to miss...' Theodore Williams / India

At New Creation Church we believe that every church has an international ministry, because Jesus gave the gospel in Matthew 28 an international mandate. Going into all the world was not a request. It was an order. For us, sending ministry teams and finance overseas to the mission fields we work in is as essential and just as important as our work as investing in our own home mission.

The partner organisations and friends that we work with in the nations represented below are all accountable to us in terms of both finance and ministry. We believe in high integrity in all our missions work, as both time and resources are precious – neither of which should be wasted.

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NCC has been involved with Pastor Luc Favre and his wife Rachel  since the church was originally planted in Thonon le Bains in the French Alps. A team of young people from NCC have visited the church twice on mission crusades to encourage the work and telling the youngsters about the love of Jesus Christ. Watch this space for more trips in the future with the chance of some snowboarding thrown in during the season. The great news is that the church has grown to 30 in number. Praise the Lord!

India (Chennai)

Pastor Finney and Sister Phoebe head up Christian churches and many orphanages in this area. We are involved with the widows from the church who are able to attend monthly to collect  provisions. If this was not available to them, it would mean they would be begging on the streets. These ladies look a lot older then they really are due to the hardships they endure. Our financial help is essential in this area as their monthly costs amount to £350.00. The number of aided widows has risen to 80. The 'Pop-in' ministry raises money each week selling small gifts and necessities, and along with private donations are able to send vitally important amounts to continue this work.

India (Bangalore, Grace Gospel Church)

This Church has faced a lot of persecution. Headed-up by Pastor Arthur Paul and his four sons the church is involved in helping the sick and orphans. Pastor Mike Robins with other NCC delegates have visited Bangalore on several occasions, preaching and supporting Pastor Arthur Paul, preaching at some of these churches, bringing the word of God to very ‘eager ears’ hungry for the teachings of God. NCC would like to support then in the future by building a orphanage and subsequently supporting the children it would home.

India (Vijayawada)

The Girl's home was opened in 2004, is sponsored by NCC and is run by Pastor Noel And Sister Susan. At capacity it can house 50 girls and at the moment there are 40 all coming from very poor families. They are growing in not just practical and social skills, but are being richly blessed by Christian staff, teaching them the love of Jesus, gaining very valuable spiritual skills too. Some of the girls have no parents, so the staff whom they love are essential for their well being and guidance to maturity in all areas. The girls are sponsored monthly.  Some girls move on to different places with their families.

India (Good News Ministries)

In Zion city, Pastor Chianti and Sister Lily head-up a children’s home for both boys and girls, alongside a home for 13 widows. A dedicated group of ladies from NCC visited the children, taking along small gifts. Not only just attending the open-air meetings, one of the ladies preached where 6 people made their commitment to God. A new church was beginning to grow. Foundations stones have been laid, for a new building to house up to 100 widows. A much needed accommodation as current facilities are very unsuitable.

NCC Missions; Romania

NCC joined forces with a group called the ‘Rainbow Project’ in 1998 by collecting useful items to be taken by road to the people in Romania. Winter boots were provided along with the building of flush toilets, wash-basins and a shower for a village school. The delegation of dedicated people visit the village of Lozna regularly to deliver aid and donated items for schools and hospitals.