George’s story

My wife, Barbara, was diagnosed with cancer and there was little they could do to help but would do everything possible, if that was what we wanted. Barbara looked at me and I said “whatever you want to do, I will be with you all the way.”

The treatment did not work. Barbara went into the hospice. I went to see her the Friday morning, stayed with her until 2pm but at 5pm had a call to say that she was worse. I returned to the hospice and held her hand from 6pm until 10am the next morning. (I had kept my promise).

One year later I went into a deep black hole and could not find my way out. Encouraged to go to a weekly bible study I was lifted up one step at a time. Looking at the prophets, each of them had been in a black hole during their time.

Pastor Mike suggested I join the Frontline team. God has given me enough love to give to everyone, whether it be a shoulder to cry on, kiss, huge handshake or greeting.

You are welcome here. God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus love you, will be with you and will never leave you. No matter how big a black hole you might find yourself in they will be here with you.