NCC Academy

New Creation Church is committed to raising the next generation of Leaders. To facilitate this purpose, we have an in-house Leadership Academy, which runs generally once per year.

The goal of Academy is to equip new leaders that can minister within NCC as we continue with our development and church-planting programme with a core ethos of servant-hood. Jesus said:

“whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,” (Mt 20:26 NIV)

Integrity and servant-hood are at the very core of Academy. Along with good theological grounding is the great need for strong characters to be developed that can carry the ministry.

  • Great character that can carry the gift / anointing
  • Good theological basis for ministry
  • An active relationship with someone of the same sex that they can in turn mentor
  • A foundation for any form of worship leadership that the Lord may give them.
  • A formal NCC Academy Certificate.